• Established MTLand company to manage real estate of MT Gas Company (IMG accounts for 100% of shares).
  • Was allowed to invest in Australia with a capital of 44 million AUD by the Ministry of Planning and Investment of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (IMG accounts for 100% of the shares).
  • Established IMG Australia Investments PTY LTD (IMG accounts for 100% of shares).

Established SIMG. PTE. LTD in Singapore (Mr. Le Tu Minh accounts for 100% of shares).


Real Estate: Established branch of ACC Thang Long company in Ho Chi Minh City for building at 146-148 Cong Hoa street, Ho Chi Minh city (IMG accounts for 70% of shares).


  • Established Hoan My General Hospital, Hue City (IMG accounts for 46.83% of shares).
  • Joined Hoang Thanh Company, built and managed four- star Mercury hotel in Hue (IMG accounts for 45% of shares).

  • Established Vinabenny Company associated with Marubenny Japan and Petrogas South to set up a storage and distribution system of 60,000 tons of LPG and LPG in the southern part of Vietnam. ( IMG company accounts for 10%
  • Established Thang Long ACC Company to build Artemis Project at No.3 Le Trong Tan, Ha Noi City (IMG company accounts for 70% of shares).

  • Invested 35% of capital in Gerbera Hue four-star hotel (Hoang Thanh Tourism
  • Established IMG Phuoc Dong Co., Ltd, be an investor of Phuoc Dong Port Industrial Park in Can Duoc District, Long An Province, with an area of 144 hectares with total investment capital of 200 million USD (Mr. Le Tu Minh accounts for 99% of shares). IMG Phuoc Dong Co.,ltd has a strategic location and is to Ho Chi Minh City.
  • Established IMG Company as a parent company with the purpose of converting its subsidiaries into a system (Mr. Le Tu Minh accounts for 99% of shares).

Established Vietnam Airlines’ Joint Stock Company associaed between IMG and Vietnam airlines to build a hotel at 27B Nguyen Dinh Chieu, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City (IMG accounts for 46% of shares).


Petro Quang Ngai in Hue City

Established IMG Hue company (initially Branch of Petro Quang Ngai company in Hue). IMG Hue company is an investor of An Cuu City urban area with an area of 33 hectares, including more than 1,000 villas and townhouses with total investment capital of more than 200 million USD (Mr. Le Tu Minh accounts for 99% of shares). . This is a large and beautiful urban area of the central area, contributing to bring Hue city from urban area of grade 2 to grade 1 as a centrally-controlled city.


Truong Xuan Ltd

Established Truong Xuan Co., Ltd, which built and sold over 500 houses in 4 years (Mr. Le Tu Minh accounts for 47.62% of shares).


Petro Quang Ngai Ltd. established

Established Petro Quang Ngai Company: carried on Real estate and oil and gas business. Petro Quang Ngai Company has built and sold more than 400 houses on the bank of Quang Ngai River for 3 years (Mr. Le Tu Minh accounts for 66.67% of shares).


MTGas JSC established

Established MT Gas Company: purchased the liquefied gas (invested 12.000.000 USD, Le Tu Minh accounts for 51% of shares).


Gili Taxi Services In Hue City

Opened the branch of Gili Taxi Company in Hue.


Gili Taxi Services Ltd.

Established Gili Taxi Vung Tau Company, the first company in Vietnam (Le Tu Minh accounts for 100% of shares).



Established Miland company in the Russian Democratic Federative Republic, purchased air equipment, oil equipment with an initial capital of 20,000 USD.