Together we grow

Our Code of Conduct

We, all members of the IMG Joint Stock Investment Company, working together to create a harmonious, engaged working environment that links eveybody through inspiring the organization from Senior Leaders or Board of Directors; creating energizing and engagement by Head of Departments as Middle Managers and acting by practicing what all employees preach throughout theirs internal compliance and accomplishment based on expected objectives.

To our employees

Takes responsibility for own actions and consequences (if any). Shows consistency in words and actions. Lives with IMG motto – Commitment – Passion – Determination and acts with the organization’s reputation and best interest in mind. Interacts with integrity and honesty. Proactive and timely admit mistakes

To our Head of Departments as Middle Managers

Creates a climate of trust in which people want to share and do the best. Understands and motivates diverse individuals and groups. Invites input from others and creates shared ownership and visibility. Supports team in successes and failures circumstances. Recognises contributions and celebrates successes. Helps others to understand the importance of their contribution forward to overall vision and goals

To our Senior Leaders or Board of Directors

Plays a corporate model as credible and respected ones. Inspires and motivates entire group. Unites people to share and commit to the organization’s strategy and goals. Develops and communicates a compelling and inspired future vision.Respects and does not dismiss others’ views even when they are contrary to self. Presents strategy so it is understood by IMG Staffs

IMG Leadership Framework

Commitment – Passion – Determination is our motto from which enables us shaping the IMG Leadership Framework, known as the foundation and essence of IMG culture that includes core values, principally guidelines toward to the premise of IMG development and successes from the beginning. The more things change, the more we apply this motto in order to create more personal accomplishments and business results.

IMG Pay For Performance

Each and every one of our employees play a critical role in IMG's success. in We totally believe that the performance management process will be the right tool to develop our employees and to show them the forward career ladder that they expect and deserve. All to ensure the IMG sustainable development in-across Vietnam borders.

IMG Total Reward

At the aim of supporting you is a priority of ours, we have committed to provide you with a TOTAL REWARD PROGRAM of pay, benefits and career opportunities that is considered as one of our industry-competition advantages. Our total reward package is structured to reward high-performers based on competitive salary and incentive structure, key performance indicators & key result areas, on – site learning and development opportunities, a culture that supports physical well-being.

IMG Talent Acquisition

Ultimately, sreening, selecting & recruiting the best candidates is a key for IMG to grow and creating a mutual engagement with current employess is our critical commitment to support you on the way of your career growth and development. Let’s join with us and we wish you all the best in your IMG career.