Chairman of the Board of Directors cum General Director


Year of birth: 1959

Nationality: Vietnamese

Qualifications: Doctor in Political Economics, Russian Academy.

Working experience:

• 1977-1983: Studied at the Faculty of Political Economy – Viet Nam Nationality University, Ha Noi.

• 1983-1987: Worked as a Lecturer at Air Defence Artillery Academy – Viet Nam.

• 1987-1991: Studied at Vladimir Lenin Political-Military Academy.

• 1993-1995: Received a Candidate in Science from Russian Academy of Sciences - Moscow.

• 1992: Established Miland Company in Russia.

• 1996: Established Gili Company Limited in Vung Tau.

• 1997: Established Taxi Gili Branch in Hue.

• 2000: Established MTGas JSC in Long An.

• 2001: Established Quang Ngai Petro Company Limited.

• 2003: Participated in the Board of Directors of Truong Xuan Company Limited.

• 2005: Established IMG Hue Investment JSC (Precursor of Quang Ngai Petro Branch in Hue JSC).

• 2007: Participated in establishing Aviation Hotel JSC.

• 2007: Participated in the Board of Directors of Hoang Thanh Tourist Company Limited.

• 2007: Established IMG Phuoc Dong JSC (Precursor of Phuoc Dong Real Estate JSC).

• 2007: Established IMG Investment JSC (Precursor of Viet Long Investment JSC).

• 2008: Established ACC– Thang Long JSC (Precursor of Tower Thang Long JSC).

• 2008: Established Tan Lap Energy JSC.

• 2008: Established Petro Vietnamese Vinashin Company (joint venture with PVOil and Vinashin).

• 2008: Established Vina Benny Energy JSC (joint venture with PVGas South and Marubenny -Japan).

• 2009: Established Hue Medical JSC (joint venture with Hoan My Medical Group and VietCapital).

• 2010: Established Smart City Vinh JSC.

• 2010: Established ACC - Thang Long Branch in HCM City JSC (Precursor of Tower Thang Long Branch in HCM City).

• 2011: Participated in the Board of Directors of SIMG. PTE. LTD.


Member of the Board of Directors cum Managing Director


Year of birth: 1981

Nationality: Vietnamese

Qualifications: MA in Business Administration, Maastricht MBA Netherlands.

Working experience:

• 2003 - 2006: Worked at Southern Office – Vietnam Airlines.

• 2006 - 2009: Worked for Aviation Hotel JSC.

• 2010 - now: Holding position as Managing Director of IMG Investment JSC.


Member of the Board of Directors


Year of birth: 1980

Nationality: Vietnamese

Qualifications: BA in Law, Lawyer of Vietnam Bar Federation – Ho Chi Minh City University of Law.

Working experience:

• 2004 - 2006: Worked for Gia Cat Consulting & Auditing Co., Ltd.

• 2006 - 2007: Worked for Nhut Law Firm.

• 2008 - now: Holding position as Director of Legal Department of IMG Investment Joint Stock Company.